7th Heaven: A Review

Vernon River Consolidated,
Vernon River, PEI

By Tanya M. (Grade 8)

This show is about a family of seven including a dog named "Happy". The father is a priest at the local church, and the mother stays home, to watch the youngest daughter, Ruthie, while the four other children are in school.

The oldest two children go to high school, the third oldest is in junior high school, and the second youngest is still in elementary.

The children's names are Matt, Mary, Lucy, Simon, and Ruthie, on one show their grandmother died and Simon was trying to find out where heaven was, he was asking everyone he saw at his house and friends of his grandmother but know one knew, at the end of the day Ruthie and Simon were sitting on the stairs and Ruthie said "Heaven is in your heart."

The family usually has to deal with a problem every week, the problems are like, Mary not having a boyfriend, Lucy standing up for a person that no one likes, a couple breaking up and the father trying to get them back together and Matt going out with a girl that only cares about herself.

I think this is a very good family show, because it deals with family problems, and how to deal with having a priest as a father.

This show has only been on for about seven weeks, it's on Thursdays, at 8pm [et]. Well that's about all I can tell you, if this show sounds interesting to you, watch it next week.

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