Censorship on the Internet

Holy Heart of Mary High School
St. John's, Newfoundland

By ShiNung C. (Grade 10)

Censorship on the Internet is perhaps the most controversial issue there is on line. But why is there arguing? Is there really any choice in this matter? Of course we need censorship on the Internet. Here's why.

On the Internet, we find people of all ages, and this includes children. These children, innocently browsing the web, may stumble upon a site containing explicit pornography or hate mail. Free speech is one thing, but this is entirely different. Do we really want children, some no younger than the age of five, viewing this material? Sure, there are the webmasters out there who make honest efforts to limit their sites to those over the age of 21 but there are also those who could not care less who is viewing the material and who post it with no warnings.

So the next time you wonder why there is such a demand for laws limiting what can be put on the Internet, you know the answer. It is because of these people, who abuse this amazing tool which has unlimited potential, that legislation censoring the Internet is passed so quickly.

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