101 Dalmations

Vernon River Consolidated,
Vernon River, PEI

Melissa C. (Grade 8)

The movie I decided to tell you about is 101 Dalmations.

The movie has a lot of the same stuff as is found in the book, but it was funnier, and instead of reading the book you get to see it performed live.

In the movie, Cruelella Deville hires two goons to steal Roger and Alices dalmations puppies.

Throughout the movie the dalmations {the puppies parents} and plenty of other dogs, and animals, try to rescue the puppies.

When the puppies finally escape, Cruelella Deville and her two sidekicks try to get the puppies back, and while doing so, they get into a lot of sticky situations.

The part of the movie I liked best is where Cruelella trips in pig manure, and then falls into a pot of it.

One of the puppies, named Lucky, didn't escape when the other puppies did, so he got into a lot of trouble, but he too, after a long while, escaped with the help of a friend.

When the puppies managed to find their way home there were no longer eight puppies, but rather exactly 101 puppies!!

So Roger and Alice ended up moving out to the country and the puppies kept multiplying, and multiplying and they are probably still doing so!

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