Navy League Cadets

Bonaventure Meadows Public School
London, Ontario

By Justin (Grade 6)

Cadets is a fun program for kids ages 10-13. It is at 19 Bleacher Street, London, Ontario, Canada, by the Thames River and Labatt Park. They meet between 6:30 and 9:30 pm.

Cadets is a great way to make friends and achieve most of your goals. There are a lot of things we do at Cadets. We go on trips, play games, go camping, go sailing and have fun.

Cadets goes year round, so sailing and camping are in the summer, and all the other things we do are in spring, fall, and winter. Cadets also have special teams which are The Drill Team, The Seamanship Team, The Semaphore Team and Band. Each team is hard but, if you think you're good, try to make all the teams. Even if you don't make the team you can still come out to practices and learn. The summer sailing program is a program where you learn how to sail, set up a sailboat and how to stay calm when you capsize, that means the boat flips over. Well, if you think it is fun just by reading this, wait until you experience it!

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