Winkler Bible camp flooded with blessing

Garden Valley Collegiate
Winkler, Manitoba

By Jolene E (Grade 11)

Winkler Bible Camp has gone through some major changes in the past year, and this year is no exception. The camp is undergoing big plans to build a chapel and gym facility.

The project's total comes to $210,000 and, of this amount, $60,000 has not yet been raised. The funds have come from local supporters, businesses and board members who get pledges, but building is on hold until 75 per cent of funds are raised. Organizers hope the project will be completed by May of next year.

The total amount of campers attending has increased from 640 to 960 children in two years. Camp officials expect approximately 1,100 kids this summer. Because of the dramatic increase in attendance, the once-standing chapel / dining room facility had been renovated this past fall into one dining room. This summer, they will make do without a chapel.

Kent Rygiel, a camp co-ordinator, says the camp has seen a dramatic change in the last couple of years. A few changes that they "thank the Lord for" are five new cabins, a new kitchen, a climbing wall, the Shalom Retreat Centre, a boys' bathroom, and a petting zoo. Rygiel says they are blessed by the community which has supported them now more than ever.

"We, as a camp, want to focus exceptionally on the children," Rygiel confided. "We just want to use faithfully the gifts that God has entrusted us for camp ministry."

Front Page March 1997