World and National Geographic Magazines

Cabri High School
Cabri, Saskatchewan

By Jason, Robert, and Steven (Grade 11)

There are two magazines that we explored on the Internet: the kids' magazine is National Geographic World, and the adults' magazine is National Geographic. The National Geographic World magazine homepage for kids is more colorful than the adults' National Geographic magazine homepage. In National Geographic World there are games and the articles that appeal to children's minds. There are also penpal networks which allow kids to talk to kids around the world. In National Geographic magazine, there are no games for the adults to play, and the articles are aimed towards adults more than kids. In both magazines, you can become a member of their group. The name of their group is National Geographic Society. Also, both magazines are made by National Geographic and both feature articles from around the globe.

We liked the National Geographic magazine homepage for adults better than the National Geographic magazine homepage for kids because the articles are more appealing to our young, learning minds. We also liked the way that you can link back and forth between the web pages.

The address for National Geographic magazine is, and for World magazine, it is

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