Sports Illustrated on the Internet

Cabri High School
Cabri, Saskatchewan

By Michelle K., Lisa M., Honni N. (Grade 11)

In our search into the Internet, we discovered that Sports Illustrated has two different sections, one for children and one for adults. We looked at both the adult and children's sections and evaluated each section.To get to each section, we went to the address:

Sports Illustrated for Kids was very colourful and had many graphics. However, it took an extended period of time to download the different pages because of the amount of graphics. There were many games, comics, and pictures but very little reading information.

Sports Illustrated for the adults had many different sections and covered all sports-related activities very well. They have a lot of information and very few graphics. Their pages are colourful and the information is presented well. Sports Illustrated on the Internet has more sections for men, with articles such as swimsuit editions, and more male sports activities.

Overall, we think Sports Illustrated on the Internet is fairly good. However, we think that they should try to make an effort to make it appeal to women more by having more female-based activities, and fewer female-exploiting pictures and articles. We also think that the Sports Illustrated for Kids should have more information reading sections, and fewer graphics.

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