Foot Hockey

Bonaventure Meadows Public School
London, Ontario

By Geoff and Jason (Grade 6)

Foot hockey is a game that we play during recess. It is like hockey, but it is played on the grass or snow in all kinds of temperatures. You can even play in 12 inches of snow! With no equipment, just a tennis ball and two knapsacks for a net, the object is to kick the ball into the net. The posts should be put about four feet wide and the ball can't go any higher than about four feet.

You need two goalies and two teams like hockey but it doesn't matter how many players are on at one time. There are no periods at all. You have to kick the ball in between the posts to score.

The best way to score a goal is to pass the ball to each other. The goalie is allowed to throw the ball to other players. One way to score is by deking the goalie. To deke the goalie, you have to push the ball from one foot to another and try to go around the goalie. The ultimate deke is to move one foot to the other and tip it.

Hockey is a great sport and so is foot hockey. We do it every recess.

Front Page March 1997