An Olympic Dream

Bonaventure Meadows Public School
London, Ontario

By Ashley and Eric (Grade 6)

We swim on a swim team in London, Ontario, that is called London Killer Whales at Memorial Boys' and Girls' Club. Our coaches are nice but work us hard. We swim in 100- and 200-meter races. We swim 100 and 200 meter I.M. (which stands for Individual Medley). We swim in seal meets all over Canada. (This is a meet which we have every month and when we compete against other teams.) We have a seal meet every month.

We work out by running kilometers which we enjoy. Our schedule is as follows: Monday, 5:00; Wednesday, 4:30; Friday, 5:00; Saturday, 12:00; Dryland: Saturday, 10:30. We enjoy swimming and our goal is to make it to the 2000 Olympics!

Front Page February 1997