Shouldn't teachers do their homework too?

By Jessica Straight
Cole Harbour Regional High School
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia


Another long day at school and you feel totally exhausted. Of course you had a few big tests and can't wait to get your marks back. You get tons of homework and dread the thought of even looking at it.

Of course, that night everyone in the neighborhood calls you to go outside but your reply is always "I can't. I have homework to do." All in all, your night sucked and you go to bed early to catch those extra Z's you needed.

The next day you get up, take your shower, eat your Wheaties and start to walk back to school. You really aren't sure that you will have a good day but then you think of the test that you wrote the day before and smile, as you know that you got a good mark.

Class bell finally rings and you take your seat. The teacher tells you to take out your homework and he begins taking his rounds around the classroom just to check it. He comes up to your desk, looks at your homework and his head starts to turn purple. He then asks you why you didn't do all the questions: you start to stutter, and finally spit out the words "But I did". He then informs that you did all the wrong questions and that you now get a zero even though you did the whole next chapter.

After a while, you remember the test and you ask your teacher if you can have it back. He informs you that he didn't get them corrected because he went out last night with his friends, and got home late. Your jaw then drops to the floor as you sit in awe. You begin to speak but realize that would just get you into an argument and probably a suspension.

Why don't teachers have to do their homework? Why can they come to class late and, do pretty much whatever else they feel like, but if you don't do question number six you're done? I feel that if people would like to be better teachers then they should have the same expectations for themselves as they have for their students and everyone should do their homework.