Interactive journey helps students
explore Canada's heritage

By Sarah King
Amalgamated Academy
Bay Roberts, Newfoundland

Have you ever left your home province or territory to visit and explore other parts of Canada? Have you ever ridden a bicycle? Have you ever combined the two?

Most of you probably answered "yes" to the first two questions. But it's likely that 99.9% of you answered "no" to the third question. However, a group of students can say they've explored Canada through the Canadian Heritage Interactive Journey. The Interactive Journey is turning Canadian geography, history and culture into an exciting adventure for students.

The adventure began on April 15th, when Team 1 and Team 3 left Ottawa, Ontario. These two teams were sent on their way by the Governor General of Canada, Romèo Le-Blanc. The 2nd team, the Voyageurs, started in Vancouver, British Columbia. During the nine-week journey, the cyclists will learn about the history, culture and traditions of all 13 provinces and territories, including our newest territory, Nunavut.

On June 11th, Amalgamated Academy in Bay Roberts, Newfoundland, hosted the Team 2 Voyageurs -- Rob, Jug, Ulrike and Heidi. We were one of just 80 schools across Canada with this privilege and one of only five schools in Newfoundland. The Voyageurs had a busy, busy day exploring Bay Roberts and the surrounding area.

Here's what their agenda for the day looked like:

9:00 am Bicycle parade - The Voyageurs and students.The students of Amalgamated Academy were invited to join the cyclists on a ride through Bay Robert's.
9:30 am Welcome Reception (School Grounds)
10:00 am Welcome Assembly (School Gymnasium)
11:00 am Tree Planting - Students and cyclists planted trees to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Newfoundland and Labrador becoming a province of Canada.
12:00noon Lunch for Cyclists and invited dignitaries - The cyclists enjoyed a real "Newfoundland Feast" with Kippers, Fish and Brewis, Homemade Bread and Desserts.
1:00pm Tour of the Western Union Cable Premises in Bay Robert's
2:00pm Tour of the site of John Guy's settlement at Cuper's Cove (Cupids)
3:00pm Tour of Brigus and Captain Bob Bartlett's Hawthorn Cottage
4:00pm Bon Voyage from Brigus

The Students and Staff of Amalgamated Academy joined forces to combine all sorts of Newfoundland culture and heritage for the four cyclists to enjoy. From the Multimedia Slide Show presentations to traditional Newfoundland music and dance, in one hour, the cyclists learned more about traditional Newfoundland culture than some of us learn in a lifetime.