Canadian Heroes

An ordinary man with extraordinary gifts

By Laura Latour
Winnipeg, Manitoba

The Canadian hero which inspires me the most is an individual that was born several decades ago. This man is my hero because of his qualities, like his creativity, responsibility, courage, dependability and respect.

This man is very creative; he has a wild imagination! He can be driving in his truck and sing show tunes in which he will change all the words in the funniest ways just to make me laugh! For example, one day my hero and I were driving down the road listening to some music and this talented individual commented, "Oh! I like this song!" He turned up the volume and started singing the theme song from "The Addams Family". He will say crazy things like "They're freaky and they're geeky! They're crazy and they're lazy! They're all together spooky the Addams Family!" Then after he is done singing, he will make all sorts of different noises for the music that goes with the song. But every time that this individual will sing a show tune, the words will never be the same; they're always different.

This man can also come up all kinds of neat and wild ideas. While this individual is at work, he thinks of many different ways to keep himself entertained. One time when we were driving to Calgary, I was amazed to hear my hero barking like a dog to keep himself occupied. Some people may think these things are a bit weird, but they are still very funny. When I need help in doing homework, this individual will always comes up with something extraordinary to help me out. I must admit that some of his inventive ideas lead me to laugh more than I ever have before.

This wonderful man has lots of responsibility, like raising his family and working to support them. He also has to make sure that his two daughters and his only son have a bus pass or some sort of transportation to get to and home from school. He has to make sure that his kids are healthy. He always tells us to eat healthy foods, and he wants his kids to drink lots of water. One might say that we are just one of his biggest responsibilities. There are a lot more responsibilities that this individual has, concerning the mortgage, the heating bill, and other serious things taken care of by adults.

This heroic person has courage because he is very brave, standing up for himself and for his family and friends. He is also brave because he is a truck driver. When he leaves town, he can run into pretty much anything, such as a prairie tornado or a white-out blizzard, and when he leaves town for work, he has to leave his family behind for however long his trip is. Some of the most special times with him are the summer hauls where I can accompany him, or when he takes the whole family with him for a trip. However, he does not do that too often because there is not enough room in the truck for the whole family.

Another characteristic that my hero has is his dependability. My hero is an individual that you can always count on. When he makes a commitment, he will stick to what he said and will go through with all the hard work that is involved. My hero is a hard-working man! My hero also has lots of respect for all the people that have respect for him. He is a really nice person once you get to know him like I know him.

The Canadian hero that inspires me the most is my father, Ronald Paul Latour. He was born July 13,1958. My father has numerous heroic qualities like the five I have described. My father plays a very important role in my life. I an very grateful that this man is a part of my life because my father is truly the best father in the world!