Canadian Heroes

Canadian author a fine role model for youth

By Cora McKenzie
Portage la Prairie, Manitoba
Grade 8

Heroes come from all over the world. But in this essay I will write about ones closer to home; in Canada. A hero is a person who goes out of his or her way to help others. Most heroes now go unnoticed. People like police officers, doctors or anyone else who chooses to be a good Samaritan are today’s heroes. I believe everyone has been a hero at one point in their life but some people never stop. One of these people is Lucy Maud Montgomery. Maud Montgomery is a hero for many reasons and in this essay I will tell what these reasons are.

I believe that this country truly needs heroes. If there weren't any heroes, what kind of country would this be? I believe that people like Maud remind us that there is still hope for a better world. I think that a lot of people believe that a hero is someone who wears a mask and goes around killing villains. But are these people really heroes? Characters like Superman don't really exist. They're just an illusion for those of us that are so afraid of this world that they need a fictional character to protect them. There are certain heroes that are real heroes like Maud. I believe Maud is the closest you'll get to Superman because she provides a place to escape the world and its problems. This place is in her books.

Maud Montgomery's life is a historic one. She was born in Clifton, PEI to Hugh and Clara Montgomery. Her mother died a year later and Maud went to live with her grandparents, Alex and Lucy MacNeil. She grew up on the most beautiful island and had loving grandparents. She started writing when she was twelve. She went to school and became a teacher for two years until her grandfather died and she moved back home to look after her grandmother. She stayed there for thirteen years.

During these years -- in 1908 to be exact -- the famous fictional character Anne Shirley was born. The book "Anne of Green Gables" was a great success. Maud wrote many sequels even though she felt bored with Anne after the first sequel. She had been writing to two pen pals, Ephriam Wieber and George MacMillian and for almost fifteen years she poured her out heart to these two men. But then she met Minister Ewan MacDonald. They were married on July 4, 1911. She had three sons Hugh, Stuart, and Chester. She lived her life supporting her husband in his ministry and writing stories.

In 1926, Maud and her family moved to Norval to start up a new church. Maud visited her home town as often as possible. Then her husband fell ill of a disease similar to Alzheimers. Maud had a nervous breakdown from taking care of her husband and her son came back home to take care of her until she died on April 24, 1942. At her funeral, her favorite piece of writing, Watchman, was read. She is still remembered today as a great author and a hero.

Maud Montgomery is hero to me for many reasons, but some are :

  • She is a great Canadian author, which is important in a role model for me, because I someday want to follow in her foot steps and become a proud Canadian author.

  • She is a woman. This is important to me because I believe that we are all equal and she is one of the people that helped clear the way for other girls like me who want to succeed in the world.

  • She met the Prime Minister of Britain. This is important to me because this shows that even if she was a woman she was recognized for her greatness.

  • She wrote Anne of Green Gables. This is important to me because I love to read and this book gave me a new world to look at.

  • She wrote from her own time. This is important to me because this taught me much about history and how the young girls used to act. Maud Montgomery taught me many things but the most important would be to be open-minded.

I believe a hero is someone who helps others. I believe we need heroes to help us through our tough day. Maud lived her life for others and she died helping others. She's taught me and my generation to live life to its fullest. I believe that a person chooses their hero because they want to be like that hero. I chose Maud because I want to be just like her.