Canadian Heroes

Teacher inspires her students through her daily life

By Amanda Ruiz
Holy Ghost School
Winnipeg, Manitoba

When someone mentions the word "hero", you think of a huge star that helps people and gets a lot of attention. That is not my meaning of hero. I believe the meaning of "hero" is a person that helps poeple and is always there for anybody.

A hero can be any ordinary person on the street. A hero does not have to be a big shot or the hot topic of the city. A hero does not have to wear fancy, expensive clothes. A hero does not have to show everybody that she or he is doing something appreciated, good, and fabulous. A hero does something kind from the heart and does it quietly, so he or she would not cause a huge commotion. Miss Gentile, my grade six teacher at Holy Ghost School, is my hero. She is exactly what a "hero" is to me.

Miss Gentile is a fabulous woman inside and outside, although I know the inside is what counts the most. She is caring and a tremendous teacher. In other words, she is great at all times. When someone is feeling down, she'd help them. If someone needs help in school, she'd help them. If someone has some problems, she'd help them to solve the problems. Miss Gentile is also a person that loves to donate to charities. I guess you could say Miss Gentile is an "always there for you" person.

One day, there was a girl in Holy Ghost School that was feeling sad and left out. Miss Gentile was there to the rescue. The girl was crying and Miss Gentile came to her. They then talked. Later, Miss Gentile talked to the students that made the girl cry and told them that everyone should be treated equally and with respect. She also said that you should treat other people as you would like to be treated. Everybody then became friends.

After school, Misss Gentile is always there to help kids with their school work. She believes that if you help the children, they will understand the concepts of the subjects and want to participate in
educational events more. Sometimes, kids don't understand something, but Miss Gentile is very patient to help the kids sort out anything that bothers them.

Donating to charities is something she loves to do. Miss Gentile loves to donate to any charity that has a good cause. She also loves fundraising events that would help schools, the environment, people, and anyone who is in need.

There are many contests that students could enter. Miss Gentile enters us in many contests. This is a very fun way to learn. If we have to draw a poster of something, we usually do research to get a better idea of what we should draw. These contests that we enter aren't just any ordinary contests, but educational ones as well.

A "good example" is what Miss Gentile is. She shows everyone the right from the wrong. Her students are always amazed at her knowledge, for she knows a lot of things. She teaches us many things that would be useful in our future life.

At Holy Ghost School, there is an annual Grade Six camping trip. Miss Gentile loves to go camping and loves to teach her students about outdoor education. The price the camp charges increases each year. That is why Miss Gentile helps her students make money to go camping. This camping trip is always remembered as one of the best memories at Holy Ghost. It is the best because the students have fun and Miss Gentile is there to guide them and be there in all the fun!

In conclusion, Miss Gentile is my hero. She helps the world by donating her time teaching kids so they can have a brighter future. Her role as a teacher is very important because the children that she's helping now are the future of our country. She also cares a lot about the environment, and she helps anyone in need. We should be grateful for Miss Gentile, my hero and my example!