Manitoba artist recognized talent in childhood

By Ashleigh Viveiros
Garden Valley Collegiate
Winkler, Manitoba

Painting by Steve Ducharme

Steve Ducharme's talent in art started when he taught himself to draw at only five years of age.

Ducharme, who is now twenty-two and a resident of Cormorant Lake, Manitoba, went on to study at the Frontier Collegiate Institute in Cranberry Portage. There he was taught by Roland Daum, whom he describes as "the best teacher I have ever had."


Ducharme enjoys drawing portraits of people and painting animal life. Although he has not yet won any awards for his art, he has been able to sell a few of his paintings and feels that his greatest accomplishment is a five-by-five foot painting of Garth Brooks.

One can see from the paintings that Steve has displayed on the Web that he knows how to control colour to add feeling and depth to his art.

The inspiration for Steve to paint comes simply from the fact that he enjoys it and is good at it. He now aspires to go to art college and eventually study for his Master's degree.

"A life-long career in art would be a dream come true," says Steve. With such a great talent in both abstract and realistic art, his dream will most likely come true.