Can't live without my annoying friends!

By Jamie Archibald
Cole Harbour Regional High
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

This may sound strange to some, but my friends really bother me. Of course, everyone has friends that do this, but for me it's a pain, a pain that won't go away, and I can't explain why it happens. If you are wondering if I hate them, the answer is no. I really like my friends and their personalities.

I have analyzed my problem time and time over, and I have come to a conclusion that the time I am most angry is in the morning. Why? Probably because three of my friends come over and seem to just set off my buttons. When I'm in this state of mind, I block things out and concentrate on how to be the meanest SOB on the block. Sometimes it works really well, other times I get sucked into being in a good mood.

This morning fit seems to control me and take over my mind, and especially my mouth. Not only do I rant and rave and tell people how I feel, I also keep it in my system for most of the day and single out those who make me feel extremely hostile. You might be saying to yourself, "I have that problem also". But for me it seems to happen everyday of every week of every year.

I have also noticed the things which bother me the most are when my friends sing very loud, when they have kindergarten conversations, when they yell back at me, when they ask stupid questions, when they stare at me, when they try to prove me wrong, and the most of all: when they tell me what to do.

Yes I am stubborn. I admit it, and yes sometimes I am a pain in the derriere, but it seems I have some kind of bond to those who bother me, something which is unexplainable. As a solution, it would be best fit if I were just to avoid those who bother me, but that's not what happens.

So how do I control these raging wars going on in my mind? Easy! I don't! The only way I can get rid of these attitudes is if the people who make me mad, make me happy. So now I realize the only solution to my problem is where my problem originated in the first place. So now I understand why we have friends. Not only do they serve their purpose to make you happy, but also to annoy you, and this statement makes me mad!