Down and dirty

By: Meredith McNulty
The Mag, Dartmouth High School
Dartmouth, NS

"What is rugby, and why is it so popular?" you ask.

Well, the sport of rugby originated in 1823 at the Rugby School in Warwickshire, England. The game was taken up and modified by other schools and universities in England, and it's modern form dates back to the 1860's. Today, rugby is played in more than 100 countries, including Australia, England, Fiji, France, Italy, New Zealand, and South America.


A rugby team consists of fifteen players: eight forwards, and seven backs. The game consists of two forty minute halves, equaling eighty minutes of playing time. The rugby play begins with a kick off and can be followed by a scrum, wherein a tight five formation of forwards binds up from each team to push against the opposing team, while trying to hook the ball with their feet and push it backwards out of the scrum. When the ball is in play, the backs run down the field passing it to each other, attempting to score a try over the opponent's goal line.

When I first heard an announcement for the girls rugby team, I thought I was a sure candidate. I'm tough and mean. However, I was quite wrong.

In order to play rugby you should be athletic because the sport requires a fair amount of physical strength, skill, and endurance, as well as quick thinking. The game involves a lot of contact, which, when done properly, is very helpful in gaining possession of the ball. Yes, it is fun. A lot of fun. You've never seen great tackles until you've watched a rugby game.

In closing, when asked, five out of five girls said that they enjoyed being muddy, thanks to the D.H.S. field.

This article originally appeared in The Mag, an online
student publication at Dartmouth High School Dartmouth, NS.