Rantings of a Cashier

People seem to be rude by nature. I know this because I've worked at a grocery store (which shall remain nameless) for about eight months. In the past eight months, I have had some very interesting experiences.
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Napster accused of copyright infringements

The future of MP3s will never be the same. Who knows, they may not even exist on the internet after all the copyright infringements.
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Right to Complain: Do Canadian Students Have It?

How many times have you complained about your schoolwork today? If you think Canadian students have it bad, try attending a Japanese school. I haven't personally tried it, but I have visited Japan and talked to students who do.
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Lights, Camera, Action: The Importance of Drama in the Curriculum

Lights, camera, action! For many years drama has been an important part of the curriculum in schools across Canada. Drama is an exciting and beneficial way for students to express themselves.
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Humanities vs Science

Is it better to be an art freak, a science weenie or one of those fence sitters? This is a major question faced by young people today. Many students struggle with trying to decide what courses they should take in high school, not to mention the problems they face trying to pick classes for post-secondary school.
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