2nd Annual Rufus Guinchard Music Festival

By: Kristen Brown
Roncalli Central High School
Port Saunders, NF

Preparations are now underway for the 2nd annual Rufus Guinchard Music Festival. The festival, which will take place during the weekend of July 28-30, was originally set to honour the late and respected fiddler, Mr. Rufus Guinchard of Hawke's Bay, Newfoundland.

Mr. Guinchard, originally from Daniel's Harbour, could have been seen as a carpenter, fisherman, logger, or trapper when he wasn't busy performing at dances along the coast from Sally's Cove to Flowers Cove. The ‘discovery' of Rufus Guinchard occurred in the mid 70's. Upon his ‘discovery', folklorists invited him to perform at Memorial University and The Arts & Culture Centre in St. John's.
Rufus Guinchard seen here playing at one of his many world wide, entertaining performances.After this, with the help of musicians such as the Breakwater Boys, Jim Payne and Kelly Russell, Rufus Guinchard began his journey around the world. He appeared in countless places such as Japan, Australia, France, England, Ireland, USA and all across Canada. Mr.Guinchard dazzled audiences with his unique fiddling talent and love for music. His music was delivered on many radio and T.V. stations being accepted by a wide variety of audiences and receiving countless awards.
View a video clip of Rufus Guinchard performing with Jim Payne.

Rufus Guinchard seen here playing at one of his many world wide, entertaining performances.

The legacy and history of this great individual is the main focus of the upcoming festival. Nova Hoddinott, festival spokesperson, seems to have high hopes for the upcoming events, "Last year's festival went over extremely well, but this year it's expected to be even bigger and better." She says that there will be a larger influx of people in the area due to other festivals such as the Come Home Year 2000 in Port Au Choix and the Viking Millennium Festival planned for the St. Anthony area. She went on to say, "Already there has been several inquires from residents as far away as the United States, Ontario, and St. John's, by means of Internet, telephone and mail."

With much time and effort being concentrated on making the festival a much enjoyable one, there are new and improved events for this years festival. The Miss Teen Hawke's Bay Pageant, and more exciting, competitive, family, fun filled events. Hoddinott strongly encourages all residents of surrounding areas to come out and get involved. Local talent is wanted. Anyone with questions concerning events can contact Nova Hoddinott @ 709-248-5107.