"Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me" Review

By Danielle Cornick andCrystal Martin
Roncalli High School
Port Saunders, Newfoundland

It was a groovy shin-dig, baby! Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery, is back in full swing and completely shagadelic! This time, he's heading back in time to 1969 to hunt down Dr. Evil who's managed to steal Austin's mojo and threatens to leave our hero "shagless" forever! Along the way he meets Felicity Shagwell and Ivana Humpalot. Austin Powers: The Spy who Shagged Me was a wild ride of puns, adventure, romance, and gross out humor.


There are two new evil guys in this sequel. There is Mini Me, a clone of doctor Evil (only one eighth his size). This guy is pure evil. He stops at nothing to get rid of Doctor Evil's son, Scott. Then there's the Grossly overweight Scottish double agent, Fat Bastard. This guy eats anything and everything, but seems to have a taste for babies. He's the one that steal's Austin's ‘mojo' for Doctor Evil.

Mike Meyers, who plays Austin Powers, pulled triple duty on this film. He plays Austin, Doctor Evil, and Fat Bastard. He complained about the enormous body suit that he had to wear to play Fat Bastard. The suit was sulfur-based, so it actually reeked.

It's a flip up for which Austin Powers movie was the best. Half the people thought the Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery was better and the others thought the sequel, The Spy who Shagged Me, had way more edge.

The only question fans have is, "Will Mike Meyers make and star in a third instalment of Austin Powers?" All one can say is "Yeah, baby, Yeah!".