Teachers lose beards to help Hurricane Mitch's victims

By Willis Jameson and Jonathan Patterson
Banded Peak School
Bragg Creek, Alberta

When the Grade 6 students of Banded Peak School heard about Hurricane Mitch in Honduras, they put together a project called Operation Hope.

They began to raise money and food for the people of Honduras. The Grade Six students hoped that everybody would bring a dollar to help. That would mean almost $500 for Operation Hope.

Mr. Belsey: Before

Mr. Parker, the school's principal, made a deal that if the students raised $1,500 dollars, he would shave his beard. Shortly after that, Mr. Belsey, the school's Career and Technology teacher, said that if the school reached the $1,800 dollar-mark, he would shave his mustache. A day later Mr. Hicky, our school caretaker, said that if the school raised $2,100, he would also shave his mustache.

On the last day of school before the Christmas holidays, all the children of Banded Peak School got together in the gym for a huge assembly. The whole school had raised a total of $2,001.37. Don from Spruce Ups, a local hair salon, was called in to do the honours.

Mr. Parker and Mr. Belsey got their beards and mustaches shaved off in front of the whole school. Unfortunately, Mr. Hicky did not get his mustache shaved off. Mr. Parker said that his wife would be really happy to see him come home with his beard gone. Mr. Belsey has had his mustache for more than 20 years. He wasn't sure that his wife was going to be too pleased at all!

But in Mr. Parker's words, "I take my hat off, as well as my beard, to all the students of Banded Peak for their great work with Operation Hope."

Mr. Belsey: After

And the students of Banded Peak say a big thanks to Mr. Parker and Mr. Belsey for being such great sports.

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