Metallica live: heavy metal band performs fiery stunts

By Kelly Osadchuk
Westgate Collegiate
Thunder Bay, Ontario

Cunning Stunts is the new live concert video from Metallica. Although it came out at the same time as the latest cd, Garage Inc, the concert on the tape is from the tour for the Load album.

Although taped before Reload, the band does play a finished version of Fuel. All of everyone's favourite Metallica are here -- Fade to Black, King Nothing, Enter Sandman, One, and a whole pile more. Towards the end of the show, they blast through a medley of songs from their Kill'em All and Ride the Lightening albums.

The show is not all music though. At the end of Enter Sandman, in comes the pyrotechnics. During the end of the song, there's an explosion and you see a man fall from a tour and dangle from a rope. James says something in the microphone trying to act surprised but you know it's all set up.

After that, a second guy falls from a collapsing light tower and dangles from a rope. There's an explosion, then you see a man running around stage on fire. Then the power apparently goes out. When light is restored, the band is on stage with small 100 watt amps, and they start turning on light bulbs that are hanging down on cords.

They finish the show using this "Back-up" equipment although you can tell they're still using the big amps because they're just as loud as when the concert started.

Now, despite having the tape and being able to watch them "live" whenever I want, I still have the need to go see Metallica live because there's obviously no other show like a Metallica concert. You definitely get your money's worth.


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