Airline Means More Than Just Jobs

Garden Valley Collegate
Winkler, Manitoba

By Mike T. (Grade 12)

I found it hard to believe how Canadians could be stubborn . . . until now. This is our country and are we doing anything to make it a better place? With the Quebec Referendum a mere year ago,we should think of ourselves as Canadians still, instead of just during the Referendum. We need to fight for ourselves and the country for all the things that are Canadian and represent us. Canadian Airlines is the second largest airline in Canada, the largest being Air Canada.

With the President of Canadian Airlines, Mr. Benson, trying desperately to get his airline back together, is there any other help from Canada? Yes, to my surprise there is. Alberta and B.C. have offered to cut gas taxes and the federal government is willing to provide $125 million in loans. American Airlines, which has a third of the shares of Canadian Airlines would also pitch in by cutting their fees for administrative services which would save millions for Canadian Airlines. All of this will be in effect as soon as the six unions will agree.

I feel very discouraged when I think of how little, if any, of the rest of the provinces are helping out in this national problem. I commend the efforts of the federal government on their help to save the airline, but how about the rest of the provinces? I feel as if the rest of Canada is neglecting the problem. Is that a good feeling for a young adult like me to feel? Where is the hope for our country if I, and others like me as young adults, feel this way about our country? We should be thinking more of our country, our fellow man - not just ourselves.

This is something that does and will effect the whole country. If Canadian Airlines does go out of business, the monopoly will be ruined and only one major airline will be controlling the market. We need Canadian Airlines to keep this monopoly from happening.

As for me, I am finding it difficult to appreciate the attitude of Canada. An example is with Winnipeg losing their NHL team, the Jets. Most of the people in Manitoba were trying their hardest to keep the Jets in the province for the love of hockey. It was reassuring to know that they were trying even though the team was lost. Now the situation involves a number of provinces trying to save the country's airline. The rest just stand, watching in the distance. This airline is a representation of Canada and that is something we should cherish. My point is not just to save the airline, but to make you, as Canadians, more aware of how our country is reacting to this problem.

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