Claudia's Success

Bonaventure Meadows Public School
London, Ontario

By Mandy (Grade 7)

Once there was a girl named Claudia. She was blind. When Claudia was a little girl, she went to a school for the blind. At the blind school they taught her Braille so she could read and learn. In Claudia's house all of her toys and things had to be put away so she could walk without tripping. Claudia's parents always encouraged her and said "even though you're blind, it doesn't mean you can't do whatever you want to do."

When Claudia turned sixteen, she got a seeing eye dog. Claudia's parents asked what kind she'd like to get. She said she wanted a black labrador. Claudia named her Shadow.

Claudia had to go to school with Shadow so they could learn to help each other. Shadow was a smart dog. In all of their classes they always got special awards. Soon Claudia and Shadow could go to lot's of different places. They could go to lot's of places like school, McDonald's and for walks in the park. Claudia really liked when young children asked about Shadow. She would explain to them how Shadow helped her.

When Claudia got to be an adult, she went looking for a job. It was very hard because nobody wanted to hire a blind person. She was just about to give up when she decided to take Shadow to the park. When she was almost at the park, a nice man asked Claudia if she wanted a job at his store. He had heard from neighbours that she had been out looking for a job.

"What would I do at this job?" asked Claudia.

"You would be responsible for answering phones and taking orders" he replied.

"Perfect!" she said.

"We'll see you on Monday at 8 o'clock."

Claudia had been saving up all her money to move to a new apartment. Finally when work was done that week, she had more than enough money to move. Claudia had asked her parents to help her find an apartment. On Tuesday they all went out trying to find an apartment for Claudia, They had seen one on Dundas Road. It was perfect. It was on the first floor and it had no stairs. It also had a security door and a button that you buzzed. This was important so Claudia would know who was coming into her home.

On the day she moved in, the owners told Claudia that they would be glad to help her whenever she needed them. Claudia thought they were both really nice and they said they would let Shadow stay in the apartment. They also told her because she was blind, they would clean up any of Shadow's mess.

Claudia was very proud of herself. She was able to live on her own with Shadow. She was also pleased with her new job and her new neighbors. Her parents were right. She could do anything she wanted to, even though she was blind.

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