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G.V.C. Band off To Brandon
Garden Valley Collegate
Winkler, Manitoba

By Lance, (Grade 12)

Band students were off to Brandon last week to participate in a music workshop. The workshop was put on by the University of Brandon. Only a handful of Manitoba's finest bands were invited. Garden Valley's Senior Concert Band, under the direction of Mr. Paul Moen, was included in this prestigious event.

The band trip included a three hour bus ride to the university in the morning, a one hour workshop with members of the Brandon band program, an optional tour of the Music Department and a performance in the evening. After, the three hour bus trip was again endured by the students, before getting back to Winkler around 12:00 midnight.

Members of the G.V.C. band stated that, though the workshop was good, the 6 hour trip was not "worth it" for only one hour of instruction and a single piece performance in the evening. There was apparently too much "free time" and the students were not kept busy enough.

Others stated that the University band's performance was awesome and well worth travelling to listen too.

Several G.V.C. students were invited to play with the university band during the performance of a song. These students experienced something great. To be contributing to such an incredible sound must bring on a great feeling.

When an opportunity such as this becomes available, it must be taken advantage of. It gives the high school students something to strive towards. With the goal of performing at a university level in the mind of students, it can only help improve the quality of the band they are presently in.

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