My first Visit to a NFL football Game

Royal West Academy
Montreal, Quebec

By Jer (Grade )

I love the NFL.

The NFL (National Football League) has been a part of my Sunday afternoons ever since my friend got me involved a little over four years ago. It may surprise you but this is not my favorite sport. I am a hockey-loving Canadian, but going to an NFL game was incredible.

I live in Montreal and have been to many of the Montreal Canadien games. They are fun to watch, but there isn't enough intensity. The NHL has about 85 games in a regular season so a loss wouldn't hurt a team for much more than a few days. On the other hand, in the NFL there are only 16 games. The athletes must be at their best every game.

I was visiting some family in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and my uncle knew someone who had season tickets. (Tickets are so hard to get.) He didn't tell me that he got tickets until the day before the big game. I was so happy to even be near the place were the game was going to take place. Everyone in the city was talking about it. The Miami Dolphins were hosting the San Fransisco 49ers. Not only was I going to go see my favorite team play, but they were also playing a rival competitor!!!

I get a certain thrill when I walk into a stadium for the first time but I've never been to a real grass stadium before. As I first walked into Joe Robbie Stadium (Now Pro Player Park), it was almost empty. Grass is so much better than artificial astro-turf, like the stuff at the Olympic Stadium. I got there very early thinking that I could get some autographs, and hopefully get Dan Marino' because he's my favorite player. As the stadium filled, up it got more exiting. The game was awesome. Miami may have lost...but I haven't lost the memories.

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