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Royal West Acadamy
Montreal, Quebec

By Jason (Grade )

Three days ago, I was up at my country house. I was sitting by the pond thinking like I always do. I watched the fish swim in the sparkling green water... and I was jealous. I wanted to kill all those stupid fish. They thought they were better than me just because I can't swim.

Slowly, as I sat there in tranquil anger, I began to slide towards the pond, as if I were hovering a millimeter above the ground, and as if a thousand little termites were carrying me. My heart began to pound, and my stomach to quiver. I felt like screaming but my throat was paralyzed. Then I came to my first realization: I wasn't moving at all. The pond was expanding and swallowing the land. I attempted to get up but to my dismay, my legs were frozen to the ground.

A moment later, I came to my second realization: since the pond had remained the same size, the pond must have been sucking in the land. That was when I realized that this was no ordinary pond, but rather a vortex in disguise.

It all came back to me now...since I was a child I had come to this pond full of ideas and left with none at all. At least now I could be in unison with all my lost ideas. Then I heard a voice. It sounded like it was underwater. It was a fish. It said that it couldn't swim and that it needed my help. I told it that I was drowning too. I laughed. And it said three words that will change my life forever.


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