A Day in the Life of A Yearbook Editor.

Garden Valley Collegate
Winkler, Manitoba

By Debra (Grade 12)

At the start of the day she's already got a "to-do" list with at least 15 things to do already written on it. As the day proceeds it seems that the list only gets longer instead of shorter. Her name is Janelle E. and she is the yearbook editor for Garden Valley Collegiate in Winkler, Manitoba. About the editor experience she says, " I've never been this busy in my life, but it's also one of the best things to have happened to me"

Last year, Janelle was one of the stylistic editors, and was appointed as editor for the 96-97 year by the staff advisors for the yearbook committee. Her co-editor is Jolene E..

A typical day at the start of the yearbook season starts with her telling the stylistic editors to "start moving with the assigned pages". She then proceeds to fill them in on extra details for these pages, many of which she has already explained to them before. Lunch hours are filled with training sessions for students in sections who need to know how to make layouts and write appropriate captions for candid pictures. Any spare moment during the day is spent checking up on the progresses of the sections or fixing mistakes. Evenings are spent proofreading and revising. With all this to do, she also takes three Senior 4 (Grade 12) courses, sings in the Performance Choir, and she takes time to be with friends. When asked how much time was spent on the yearbook in a typical day she said "too much, I spend all my free time thinking or working on the yearbook!".

Garden Valley Collegiate's yearbook consists of approximately 196 pages, and the delivery date for the book will be June of 1997. The cost for the book is $25. The yearbook staff consists of approximately 40 students and three staff advisors, all of whom volunteer their time and abilities to ensure the yearbook is the best possible. There are many others who contribute to making the yearbook possible.

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