Lounges as we know them

Garden Valley Collegiate
Winkler, Manitoba

By Abe (Grade 12)

It's that messy, overcrowded place where we go to eat our lunch, spend time with our friends and occasionally do a little of the stuff called homework. Only a few tables, never enough chairs, tables always sticky and garbage on the floor most of the time. A teacher opens his classroom door and asks us to keep the noise level down. This is our lounge.

Another person walks in, liking the music they hear, flops down on the couch and opens a book and starts on the English essay due the next day. The music keeps playing. People are eating lunch while others are just relaxing and enjoying the time with their friends. On the other side of the enclosed room, someone else is typing a Chemistry lab, and another person is watching a movie for history class. This is the place where we go during spare time, to eat lunch or just to hang out with a bunch of friends. We have no noise level to worry about, we can relax here, listen to our music or just hang out. This is our lounge.

Two different lounges, two extremes. Although the second extreme is fictional, I think that it could become reality.

The first extreme is my description of our lounge, not much to be proud of. All kinds of problems related to our lounge, people sitting on the railings, garbage all over, too noisy, sticky tables..., the other lounge would be a perfect alternative. A lounge where you can do your homework in comfort (not like that makes it any better), and you are able to find an empty seat to sit down when you walk in. An enclosed room, where noise level is not a concern, and our drawings/paintings cover the walls.

We spend most of our waking hours at school for quite a few years. School is like our home away from home. So why shouldn't we have at least one room where we are able go and be in a relaxed atmosphere, to do our thing: homework, lunch, surf the net, or just hang out? A place where you would want to go during spare time.

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