Student fundraiser for new track facility

Garden Valley Collegiate
Winkler, Manitoba

By Abe (Grade 12)

According to the school's fundraising committee, Garden Valley Collegiate students raised $6,900 for their new track facility on October 17, by doing odd jobs for sponsors.

The money was raised by approximately 250 students that participated in the work day fundraiser, organized by Mr. Harv Giesbrecht and the rest of the committee.

The work day fundraiser was planned for a school afternoon. Students would be exempt from classes to work an afternoon, at $25 a sponsor. These sponsors included parents, teachers, businesses, relatives, or anybody that needed workdone for them such as raking leaves, housework, and washing windows.

Estimated cost for the track facility was $200,000, but once construction started, estimated costs went up about $30,000 because of soft soil. The company only discovered the problem once they had actually started digging down to lay the foundation of the track.

"The unexpected cost jump was not acceptable. The local construction company knew that the land used to be a marsh, and soft. They should have expected the soft soil," said Alan Derksen, a local youth leader.

"The old track was hardly more than a bit of gravel on top of the grass," added Derkson.

Derkson also stressed the importance of the facility.

"The track not only provides publicity for the school, but for the community also, by being able to host track meets and other sports events."

The track facility, to be finished next summer, will add to the fine sports program that GVC already provides.

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