Science & Technology

Computerized world demands more skills

By Tanya Thomas
Holy Heart of Mary
St. John's, Newfoundland

   Science is defined as any department of knowledge in which the results of investigation have been logically arranged and systematized, the knowledge of facts and systematic knowledge in general. These are three definitions of one simple seven letter word. But all three of them use the word knowledge. Science is knowledge. It consists of the studies of everything around us. That explains why there are, in fact, so many definitions for the word science. It contains a broad range of studies, which therefore makes it difficult to explain in a single phrase.
Some fields of science are biology, or the study of life; chemistry, or studies of what things are made of and how they react; and zoology, or the study of animals. These are only a few of many fields of study. When we put all the fields together, we can learn about anything we choose. From what the smallest particles in a notebook are, to why birds chirp in the morning, to who invented the first microscope. Now that I have told you what science is, I will answer the following questions. The first question that I will answer is "why is it important for Canada to know how well students are doing in science?" The final question is "why is science not only fun, but also important for a career in the international job markets?"

Why do you think that it is important for the people of Canada to know how students are doing in science? Some people may say that it is not important. They may say "wh cares how they are doing, they are only high school students." I know a lot of students my own age who don't even think that science itself, is important. Personally, I disagree. Even if we don't plan on getting a job that deals directly with a field of science, we still need it because science also deals with everyday life. Such as, what our food is made of. If we better understand things that happen everyday, we can help ourselves to better understand simple concepts. For example, how many times have you gotten a "shock" off of your locker after putting on a sweater or brushing your hair? You see, if Canada knows that it's students are using things in everyday life, we can all learn more about even more difficult things. I also think that it is important for Canada to know if we are learning the right kind of concepts. It is important for Canada to have an overall look at what students all over the country are being taught by their teachers. For example, Canadians may ask the question, "Are the students of Canada being taught enough for the jobs that are being demanded today?" or "Since the world is becoming so computerized, should we demand more technology courses as part of the high school criteria?" Canada should also know how well its students are doing in science so that we can be compared to other students in other countries of the world. In this way, we can find room for improvement. We can find room for improvement in how Canada's students study or in how well the teachers of Canada are teaching us. That therefore concludes why Canada should know how its students are doing in science.

"Why is science not only fun, but also important for a career in the international job markets?" As I said before, there are many fields of sciences which concern many different areas of study. With all of these areas of study, there are many jobs that could be performed. There is such a large range of jobs that deal with science. For example, a doctor, a veterinarian or even a dentist all need degrees in biology, or the study of life. Many high school teachers studied these fields of science in university so that they could teach you science today. Many people who enjoy working with machinery study engineering. Other people like to work at computers and therefore studying technology. Many people are in fact studying technology these days because the world is becoming so computerized. Another field that is being studied today is geology, or the study of rocks and fossils. There have been a lot of mineral deposits found in Canada in the past few years. Mineral deposits are worth a lot of money worldwide. They can really be beneficial to a country and to its people. If geologists were to study these minerals in Canada or any other country, they could help countries with their economy. I think that it is important for a lot of students to study different fields of science because there are scientists needed all over the world. The world will always need doctors, x-ray technologists and other science-related jobs all over the world. It is important for students to acquire a knowledge of science at an early age so that they can participate in helping the world through these jobs.

Science is the study of all things. It is an important part of all of our lives and it is good to know that Canada is learning about our success. It is us, the high school students of today, who will take on science-related jobs in the future.