Science & Technology

The government's role in science and technology

By Andrea Spurell
Frank Roberts Intermediate
Foxtrap, Newfoundland

   It is important for the Canadian government to know how well students are doing in science. This is so they will know things like: if the science being taught is enough to prepare students for future jobs and if it's not they need to figure out ways to have a better program.

Another thing the government might want to find out is if the teachers have enough qualification or do they need to spend more time in university/college studying more science to get a better education?

They may want to find out of the science being taught is enough to prepare students for future jobs. This is because they need to know what jobs are available with what education. For example, a meteorologist needs to know geology. An engineer needs to take an engineering course.

If the science isn't enough, they will have to make some adjustments to the program. These adjustments would consist of new, updated books, more time spent on science in school, new, updated courses in universities/colleges for people who take science courses and would like to be a science teachers. The government might find out that the students are prepared enough for future jobs so they don't have to make any adjustments.

They may also want to find out how good students are doing in science. If the students are doing poorly, maybe they should have an easier course, get the teachers to explain things more clearly or even have more science classes throughout the cycle.

Science is not only fun, but also important for a career in the international job market. All of the other students around the world are learning science and so we need to know science to compete for jobs. When we go away and apply for jobs, we compete against people all across the world. They know science very well and we should too.

For example, if I want to be an astronaut when I'm older, I need to know things about outer space, the plants, oxygen and math. Let's say someone else across the world would like to be an astronaut too, that person and I need to know the same things. If we both apply for the same job, at the same place, at the same time, the employers are going to choose the person with the most education. If the person across the world knows everything that they can about going up into space and I know everything except for the math calculations, who do you think they will chose to be the astronaut? I think they will chose the person across the world to go up into space because that person has more education than me.

Science is also important because most jobs these days use something to do with science. For example, if a person would like to be a carpenter, they would have to know things about structure, design, braces, buttresses, compression, compressive strength, tension, tensile strength and other things like that.That is why I think science is not only fun, but important.