Going gothic -- what's with the ghoulish make-up and black clothes?

By Alleesha Little
Westgate Collegiate Institute
Thunder Bay, Ontario

Why do the so-called "weirdos"in the world dress the way they do? That is the basic question that I would like answered.

I am talking about the people who dress in straight black and wear black makeup; people who think they're witches and pretend they are Gothic; people who go out of their way to make themselves look ridiculous to others; people who say they are "original".

Neve Campbell as Bonnie in
the movie The Craft.

How can they possibly justify themselves as being "original" when there are thousands of people around the world doing the exact same thing? I wonder if they know they are one of the many laughing stocks of the world. If they do, then why would they want to be laughed at. Even "Saturday Night Live" makes fun of them with the skit "Goth Talk".

I think these "original" people crave attention and that's the reason for them dressing the way they do. Overall, I believe these people should stop pretending to be something they are not and try being themselves.

Goth people are often asked stereotypical questions such as why they dress the way that they do and if they worship the devil— the really mature high school questions. However, when asked why they dress this way, most of them immediately jump on the defensive side and feel offended and insulted when it's only a simple question. They seemed surprised that people would question what they are wearing and how they act.

What statement exactly are these people trying to make? Some say they worship the devil. Do they even know what the devil is? People also think that these people cast spells on them. Whether they are joking or not about this, it is unclear. Also, a large majority of these people are just wanna-bes anyway.

One day, they come to school dressed in jeans and T-shirts, and the next they come looking like one of the girls off the movie, "The Craft". After thinking about it, I find that these people have a right to dress the way they do but they have to accept that people are going to laugh at them and fail to take them seriously.


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