Cabri School’s Briar Curling Teams

Cabri High School
Cabri, Saskatchewan

By: Wade, Michelle, Jenn, and Scott (Grade 11)

Faithfully once a week, the briar curling teams of Cabri School meet at the Cabri Ice Center to improve their curling skills. The senior coach is Colleen Carleton, a teacher at Cabri School. There are three senior curling teams consisting of one boys' team, one girls' team and one mixed team. There is also enough interest to have spares for each team, in case of injury. The senior curlers ages range from 15 to 18, or grades ten to twelve.

The junior coaches are Cindy Telke, a teacher's aide, and Marie Erickson, Cabri School's Principal. There are four junior curling teams consisting of one boys team, one girls team, and two mixed teams. The junior curlers ages range from twelve to fifteen, or grades seven to nine.

On February 4th, the senior briar teams travelled to Vanguard, Saskatchewan to compete at the Prairie West School Division playoffs. The boys' team and the mixed team were both successful in winning the division's title in only two games out of a possible three. Unfortunately the girls' team had to go into a third game, and came up short. They came in second in the division. The boys and mixed teams will advance on to the district playoffs, where they will play for a chance to compete at the provincial level. The boys will make their way to Frontier, Saskatchewan on February 24th. The mixed team will drive to Consul, Saskatchewan on February 25th.

On February 12th the junior briar teams travelled to Swift Current, Saskatchewan. There they competed for the Prairie West School Division title against six other schools. The two mixed teams ended up playing each other in the gold medal game, and therefore Cabri School received both gold and silver. The girls' team also competed in the gold medal game. They played a team from Success in the final. They captured the gold medal in fine style, stealing one point in the final end to finish their opponent. The boys did not fare as well, but came home with a bronze medal. Since they are juniors, there is no district competition and so their season is over!

Cabri School is very proud of the curling teams and players that have come out of Cabri School through the years. We can only hope that next year will be as eventful as this year. Good luck to our senior teams who will be competing at districts.

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