Weather in Cabri

Cabri High School
Cabri, Saskatchewan

By: Robert (Grade 11)

The weather here in Cabri, Saskatchewan is very nice today. The temperature is in the single digits below zero. It has been very cold here this winter, and our school has had to close once. The school closes when there is a wind chill of 2300 or if it is -40 C. The school buses have stopped running a few times this winter, but since half the students at Cabri School live in town the school stays open.

We have also had some warm, almost spring like, days this winter. There have been a few days when the snow has started to melt, but then it freezes and the roads become very icy. Right now the temperature is almost high enough for the snow to melt.

Some days have been very windy and has either made it very cold or if the wind is a chinook then the snow melts. Right now there is a light breeze.

There have also been many blizzards in Cabri and a lot of snow. There has not been a blizzard or a big snowfall in Cabri for a couple of weeks, but there has been some light snowfall. Hopefully the weather will stay nice, because we get a school break for a week.

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