Sports in Cabri

Cabri High School
Cabri, Saskatchewan

By: Jason, Steven, and Lisa (Grade 11)

Cabri, which is located in southern Saskatchewan, has a wide selection of sports. We have hockey, intramurals in the school, ringette, curling, badminton, volleyball, slo-pitch, track and field, broomball, figure skating, and soccer. These sports are played alternately throughout the year. Our team names include The Waterbuffaloes, The Clavens, The Vikings, The Tazmanian Devils, The Bulldogs, The Muggers, and The Cougars.

The Bulldogs are nearing completion of the regular hockey season and they will begin playoffs next week. They are currently in the top three in the Whitemud Hockey League. Upon each win, they recieve two points, for a tie they get one point, and for a loss they receive none. They have 29 points out of the 23 games they have played. Last year, the Cabri Bulldogs won the Whitemud Hockey League. Curling is also a very popular sport in Cabri.

Just recently, Cabri School competed against Vanguard in the senior briar. The boys and mixed teams won the Prairie West School Division, but the girls team was defeated in the third and final game. On Wednesday, the junior bonspiel teams also did very well. Two teams achieved gold, one achieved silver, and the other received bronze.

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