Students, and Their Feelings About The Internet

Cabri High School
Cabri, Saskatchewan

By: Honni, Darla, and Janelle (Grade 11)

Students in Cabri School feel that the Internet is an excellent learning tool that all schools should have. It enables us to look for different types of information that may or may not be available at our school. It goes into more depth and has a larger variety of information. Also, it enables us to visit more places where we'd most likely never go if we didn't have the Internet available at our school.

The encyclopedia has always been our source of information, but with the Internet we get a better view of what we are researching. We can go to different places and find more information that we would not be able to get through a couple of sets of encyclopedia. Seeing more recent pictures, information, and facts enables us to understand the situation in today's world more clearly than when we are looking at an out-dated encyclopedia. Since the Internet is always being updated, it is continually the most recent source of information for anyone who is able to access the Internet at any time.

When you look in an encyclopedia you only have the information in which that specific book decides to publish but when you access the Internet, you are able to get more information. Also, quite often a book will only cover one point of view, and if it does cover both, one side is usually covered better. With the Internet you can access many different addresses and therefore get both sides of the story in as much detail as you would like.

When you have access to the Internet you are able to visit almost anyplace that you want. For example, if you were researching different types of universities that you may be interested in applying to then you would be able to see what types of courses they offer, academic scholarships, and different sports teams that they have. The Internet also enables you to see different places that you may want to visit, like Hawaii. It enables you to watch different types of things that are specifically taped for the Internet viewers.

As you can tell, the students feel that it is extremely important to have an Internet at our school so we are able to have more information for assignments. The future is to be filled with many more exciting new discoveries and right now the Internet is a big beginning to those discoveries and we will be a part of them.

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