A sensitive, New-Age game

St. Lawrence Central High
St. Lawrence, Newfoundland

By: Shamina and Holly(Grade 8)

Twenty years ago, Ron Gordon, formed a game called Pong which attracted many Americans. Video gaming has leaped far ahead of Pong by now, so once again Gordon is trying to glue Americans to their screens.

His latest project is MindDrive, a computer gaming system that is driven by the human brain. The technology stems from a seven-year effort by Gordon to translate the body's bioelectric signals, produced by emotions and thoughts, into software commands for computers.

This autumn, the result, the $140 MindDrive system, will hit shelves. With the help of a ring-shaped device that slips onto any finger, the system lets users paint pictures, fly planes or ski the Alps simply by thinking. Though Gordon will have to wait and see if the market buys his idea, he should have an easy time figuring out what customers think of the product.

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