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St. Lawrence Central High
St. Lawrence, Newfoundland

By: Shamina and Holly (Grade 9)

    - Wolves will often go days without food, but can then eat up to 100 pounds of meat at a time.
    - Food is so scarce in the arctic that no part of the prey is wasted; a wolf will eat every part of an arctic hare, including the skin, fur and bones.
    - Several of the younger pack members will watch the cubs while the mother wolf is hunting.
    - A wolf can see and smell a deer more than a mile away.
    - A wolf has 42 teeth, including four fangs at the front of the mouth that are used to wound, grab and kill prey.
    - Most adult wolves weigh from 75 to 120 pounds.
    - Social status in a pack is expressed by a complex "language" of gestures, barks and growls. High-ranking wolves constantly assert their position, making lesser members cringe or lie on their backs in submission.
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