Did you know?

St. Lawrence Central High
St. Lawrence, Newfoundland

By: Shamina and Holly (Grade 9)

    - that all dogs of all breeds evolved from wolves?
    - that the planet Venus has an average temperature of nearly 900 degrees?
    - that most astronomers believe the Milky Way is a predator - that it rips apart smaller galaxies that get too close?
    - that a type of glue in our brains keeps together vast amounts of information - sights, sounds, facts, and ideas; the skills we’ve learned?
    - that Leonardo da Vinci wrote most of his scientific notes backwards?
    - that skunks eat bees?
    - that Antarctica doubles in size every Winter?
    - that the highest tidal wave recorded was one of 67meters (220ft) which appeared off Alaska in 1964?
    - that sharks prefer fat in their diet because it has twice the energy content of muscle?
Now you know.

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