Winter in Cabri

Cabri School Cabri Saskatchewan
By: Faye, Ginny, Dana Lee, and Jill (Grade 10)

Earlier this winter it was very cold in Cabri. We got a lot of snow. It would have been a really good year for skiing and ski-dooing if the temperatures would have been considerably warmer. It seemed like winter would never end. We had record breaking was colder than minus thirty degrees Celsius many days in a row. We have experienced cold weather in previous winters in Saskatchewan but this year was the worst that we as teenagers have ever experienced.

There were some victims of the vicious weather. Some people from our town have gotten frozen ears and there have been many cases of frostbite. Other than that there haven’t been any serious injuris due to the weather.

We had to miss some days of school because the buses couldn’t run. Although this made most students happy to miss school there was quite a bit of work to catch up on before holidays.

The weather prevented people from going on trips because it was dangerous to travel. Many people couldn’t even leave town for Christmas due to the cold weather. Some people couldn’t leave their farms because they couldn’t leave their animals unattended.

There is hope for us now. For the past three weeks it has been a lot warmer. The temperature has ranged from minus fifteen to plus five degrees. The snow is rapidly melting and the roads are extremely icy but we would rather have icy roads than such cold weather.

On Groundhog Day the groundhog did not see his shadow. We should be expecting spring pretty soon. Winter time is coming to an end. It is time to put away the ski-doos, skates, and snowblowers and it is time to bring out our rubber boots. Hopefully we have a better spring than winter. Eventually we can enjoy summer before we have to face the winter again!!

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