STEM~Net and SchoolNet collaborate

Eugene Vaters Collegiate
St. John's, Newfoundland

By: Allison M.(Grade 12)

Recently STEM~Net, in a partnership with SchoolNet in Ottawa, launched it's new collborative project called SchoolNet News (SNN), which is an online newspaper for K-12 students. STEM~Net, in St. John's, provides online services and educational resources for Newfoundland and Labrador.

Teachers can use the SNN project as a cutting edge learning tool. SNN combines both traditional and technology-based learning. This allows students to sharpen their communication skills by writing and interviewing, and to learn computer skills through online research, Web page design, and even word processing.

What is special about SNN is that students get their work published. This way, students have the ability to reach the world, providing information for the entire planet - a great opportunity for learning as well as for getting their work recognized. SchoolNet News is a great new program, and in the words of the enthusiastic SNN project coordinator Nick Gardner, "is greater than any other paper on the planet".

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