What's new in the theatres and at the video stores?

By Ryan MacIsaac
St. Stephen High School
St. Stephen, New Brunswick

Ever been stuck on a Friday night with no date? Or there's not too many people around, and your plan is either to rent some movie or find some slob to go with you to the theatre?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions than check out the reviews below: Jim Carrey's new movie "Man On The Moon", the final Scream movie, "Scream 3", a 90's re-make of the 60's "The Thomas Crown Affair", and the psychological thriller, "Instinct", starring Anthony Hopkins.

Man On The Moon, directed by Milos Forman (Still in some theatres across Canada)

"Andy made himself the premise and the rest of the world was the punch line."
- Robin Williams

"Man On The Moon" starring Jim Carrey, Courtney Love, and Danny DeVito was a hilarious movie from start to finish. This recently-released movie tells the tragic story of comedian Andy Kaufman's sudden rise, fall, and rise to fame again.

We see how quickly Andy's fame takes off after being discovered at an Improv Comedy Club. He always seemed able to make the audience wonder if what was happening was real or just part of the show. Even his death was a mystery.


As I watched the movie, I found myself both loving and hating Andy Kaufman. He was such a hilarious man, but he thought that he was so superior compared to the rest of the world. I enjoyed his comedy, where even though you were insulted you couldn't but help laugh. As the movie continued I wasn't sure if I was to sympathize with Andy and how his life turned out, or be overjoyed that he was getting what he deserved. The movie's conclusion left me feeling quite satisfied, knowing what he did made many people happy.

With cameos by Norm MacDonald, Lorne Michaels, David Letterman, and most of the "Taxi" cast, this movie is full of talented actors and comedians, and it is not a disappointment. So if you're looking for a well written, acted, and filmed movie, I would suggest you watch "Man On The Moon".

Scream 3 - directed by Wes Craven (In theatres across Canada)

"Someone's Taking Their Love Of Trilogies One Step Too Far."

"Scream 3", the final installment of the extremely popular "scary movies", is now in theatres. The movie stars Neve Campbell, Courtney Cox Arquette, David Arquette, Liev Schreiber, Parker Posey, and Scott Foley and includes cameos by Carrie Fisher and Jamie Kennedy.

I enjoyed this movie from the first incredibly-intense scene to the last not-so-scary scene where the killer is finally discovered and the survivors are finally done with this horror movie experience. "Scream 3" was a great ending to the story of a young girl, Sidney Prescott, whose mother was murdered about five years ago. Sidney (Campbell) has had to live through two other movies where she is always the prime target in a murder spree leaving most of her friends dead, but she has always been able to get away with just a few scrapes.

In this movie, Sidney has hidden herself away to insure that the lives of her friends aren't jeopardized by any crazed psychos trying to kill her. Gale (Cox Arquette), Dewey (Arquette), and Cotton (Schriber) return to "Scream 3" in hopes of living normal lives, though not everyone may get their wish. Without giving too much away I'd just like to say that the film had a great twist ending that you probably wouldn't expect until the final act.

The Thomas Crown Affair - (Available on video and DVD)

Re-makes are normally worse than the original. "The Thomas Crown Affair", starring Pierce Brosnan, and Rene Russo is a re-make of a movie about a millionaire who's bored with his everyday life, and robs a bank.

In the current re-make Brosnan, the cocky millionaire, steals a painting from an art gallery without being caught. Russo, a bounty hunter working for an insurance company, is hired to find the painting.


I was quite disappointed with "The Thomas Crown Affair". It was based on a tacky relationship between the good girl and bad guy, which started from the first scene. I also found what happened to be very predictable except the final scene, which was probably one of the most creative endings I've seen in a while.

Instinct - directed by Jon Turteltaub (Available on video)

It's not the jungle book. "Instinct" is an incredible movie starring Anthony Hopkins, Cuba Gooding Jr., and newcomer Maura Tierney. It tells the story about a brilliant psychologist (Hopkins) who decided to lives with a group of apes before he's kidnapped and brought back to the US for study. Gooding is another psychologist sent in to study Hopkins and understand why he did what he did. Tierney is Hopkins' daughter, who he left so he could live with the apes.

The story Hopkins tells about how he came to live with the apes is very intriguing. He explains how he first started to interact with the apes, and how eventually they allowed him to live with them. The premise is very interesting and the cast works really well together. Hopkins and Gooding seem to really connect and they created a really original movie.

The article originally appeared in the Spartan News, the school newspaper at
St. Stephen High School, St. Stephen, New Brunswick.