Our Lady Peace rocks in New Brunswick

By Amanda Simpson
St. Stephen High School
St. Stephen,
New Brunswick

Raine flooded Harbour Station in St. John, New Brunswick on January 30 as Our Lady Peace rocked the house.

With Raine Maida on vocals, OLP put on an amazing concert for many crazed fans(me included). Harbour Station was packed with OLP fans waiting to hear our favourite band and we were not disappointed. They put on an awesome performance, with songs from all three albums.

At first, I was a little disappointed because the opening band was terrible. They were a Newfoundland called Bucket Truck and the singer could not sing to save his life. He screamed the lyrics to his poorly-written songs. I got the feeling not many at the concert liked this band but we put up with it so that we could see OLP.


I have been a big fan of Raine, oops I mean OLP, for quite a few years now. I went to their concert two years ago in Harbour Station and that was amazing too. I really liked their new cd "Happiness Is Not a Fish That You Can Catch" so I was psyched that they were coming back to play again this year. I got tickets as soon as they came on sale and I'm so glad I did.

I was very impressed with the concert. The band performed really well and even got the audience in on some of the songs which were really cool. The lights were interesting too and they even put on a little bit of a screen show. When the concert was over the fans screamed so loud that they came back out for an encore.

In my opinion, OLP always puts on a great concert and if they come back in two more years, I'll be there for sure. I think everyone who doesn't listen to them should check it out because they're really talented. It also doesn't hurt that Raine is totally hot!

The article originally appeared in the Spartan News, the school newspaper at
St. Stephen High School, St. Stephen, New Brunswick.