Conversation Between Opposites

Grant Collegiate
Springdale, Newfoundland

by Susan (Grade 12)

Janis Joplin and Beethoven

Janis: Hey, man! You're that classical dude! What's happenin'?

Beethoven: Yes, and you're the over-drugged hippie that has the most unusual voice.

Janis: Yeah, that's me. Hey, I thought you were deaf, man.

Beethoven: On earth, yes, in Heaven, no. No pain or imperfections in Heaven, remember?

Janis: Groovy. You might not have guessed but you really influenced my life, man. I would do a couple of lines, turn off the lights, turn up a tape of your tunes, and veg out for hours. It was so totally cosmic!

Beethoven: I assume that is supposes to be a compliment. I used to watch you, you know. I enjoy watching all the young and tormented musicians. You certainly were messed up!

Janis: Yeah, well, that's how I got here. It was all because I had no one to talk to. No one understood my pain.

Beethoven: That's what they all say. Why don't you go talk to Mr.Hendrix over there. You two have something in common. again.

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