Royal West Acadamy
Montreal West, Quebec

By Sukhvir (Grade 10)

You toss and turn throughout the endless night and wake up in a cold sweat. Visions of your worst fears and horrors haunt you in this dreary trance. You feel as if the room is caving in around you. Or you may be falling off an endless cliff into a deserted nowhere. No matter how loud you scream, there is nobody there to answer your call for help. You are in another world.

Scientists say this world is part of your unconscious mind. They try to explain why these episodes occur, but there is no way to avoid them. You are in a state of physiological terror that you can only escape by the sound of an alarm clock, ticking away in another dimension.

You crawl under the covers, the light goes off, and you fall into this unknown world as fast as a hammer to a nail. It feeds away at your insecurities and terrifies you into a panic. Your mind starts to drift; tears stream from your eyes and bumps appear on your skin. You see mirages of the things you most dread in life. You see the faces of the ones you hate and are chased by something you can't even see. You smell the evil and breathe in the sinister air of your worst imaginings.

These illusions might be occuring due to the horror movie you saw last night, or the harmful memories you've tried to conceal in the back of your mind. Something inside you brings this horror to life, and upsets your body's need to rest.

Suddenly, you come back to reality, as fast as you left it. You may have arisen to escape your despair this time, but rest assured, when the sun goes down tomorrow, sleep no more.

Royal West Academy: a public High School in Montreal, Quebec

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