Tourney Vanishes but Players Make Best of it!

Garden Valley Collegiate
Winkler, Manitoba

By Ryan (Grade 12)

The Canadian Softball team received a shock when they found out that the tournament they had traveled to Argentina to play in had been canceled. The team recently returned from two weeks in Argentina where they were attending the Pan-American Softball Championships.

A communication breakdown so large occurred that the Canadian players were not informed of the problems with the tournament. It was later learned that the coach of the team knew of the canceled tournament but made the decision himself to attend a series against the Argentina National team. The team was very disappointed and considered returning home, but agreed to play the nine game series against Argentina.

The series provided a match up between the South American softball power against Canada's best. In the end no one was disappointed as the match up provided close exciting games. Canada ended up on top winning the best of nine series 5-4.

The five local players that were part of the team were Ryan Wiebe, NathanWiens, Jeremy Thiessen, Jeff Thiessen and Mark Leoppky. Pitcher Mark Leoppky threw well posting two wins during the series and Jeff Thiessen pitched very consistently. "A personal highlight of the trip was getting my first strike against international competition," added Jeff Thiessen." All the guys played great and it is an experience that we'll never forget."

"On behalf of the players involved, we would like to thank the community for their financial and emotional support." Said Jeff Thiessen. "Without their participation in fundraisers most of the players could not have afforded to take part."

Many of the same players will be representing Manitoba at the Canada Summer Games held next year in Brandon Manitoba.

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