Unique Course - Helps Local Students for Future

Garden Valley Collegate
Winkler, Manitoba

By Mike (Grade 12)

WINKLER--Garden Valley Collegiate has a course that puts students on track for the future. With a unique course like Software Applications 41G offered to GVC students, their job search has more open doors from which to choose. This course is unique because it goes more in depth which helps students for future jobs with computers, and computers are the future.

Software Applications 41G teaches students about the computers' hardware and software. Even though the computer has taken away some jobs, the computer has also added a whole new range of jobs which require experience on the computer. A course like this is needed to give students experience and to ensure them the chance of a job in the years ahead.

The course guides the students through the internet and also shows them how to make their own homepages with html. Students also learn D-Base, FoxBase and Quatro 4. These are programs that deal with spreadsheets, data base, and other important computer knowledge. The basic components, the history, and the main functions of the computer are learned as well.

The teachers of this course are Mr. D. Hildebrand and Mr. H. Fehr. "This is a great course to take if you are going to go in a computer related job. Most of the time it uses current programs which will help you," said Kalyan Hota, who is currently enroled in this course. "Not too many things are difficult to learn in this course because we have great teachers."

The equipment students use gives them a better learning experience. This allows the students to apply what they learned with any equipment anywhere in the world because the equipment in the school is all up to date. The equipment used in the school is also used in many businesses which helps learners gain the experience and the know-how needed to use the computing equipment in work places.

Each semester, between 50 and 60 students enrol in this course. With up-to-date computing skills, they believe they are on the right track for the future.

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