GVC students test new software
Garden Valley Collegate
Winkler, Manitoba

By Matt (Grade 12 )

An exciting opportunity has arisen for one Grade 11 and 12 Grade 12 students from Garden Valley Collegiate to participate in a test of a new educational communication software which will work over the Internet.

Using the TutorNet software, a math student will be able to have a discussion with a tutor who may be an expert in the type of algebra that student is having trouble with, even if the tutor is hundreds or thousands of miles away. The Internet bridges the physical gap and brings students wishing to learn and tutors together.

Most of the participating students were excited at the possibility to see the new software in action. "The idea certainly has a lot of potential," said Joel, one of the grade 12 participants.

The school was asked by Don Ayre, Director of Professional Development for TutorNet Development Services to see if GVC students would be interested in participating in the initial test of their TutorNet software to get a student's perspective and input.

This type of software and others being developed by other companies go to show that the Internet is becoming a leading method of communication over long distances, or even short ones. The Internet holds vast educational potential which just now is beginning to be tapped.

"Projected benefits of participation are educational benefits from the tutor/tutoring sessions, familiarization with learning styles related to ongoing education and with the basic skills needed for employment in the New Economy," says Larry Danielson, the course instructor for the Passport project where GVC students can take English over the Internet.

The participants are looking forward to mid-January when they get to see the new software in action. They just may be taking the first steps into a new era of learning where the potential for learning is almost limitless.

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