Discovery Collegiate
Bonavista, Newfoundland

By Jessica (Grade 7)

Please come and visit our beautiful land of freedom. If you would be so kind and fortunate enough to come you would be especially be happy to see the sweet romantic sunset. The sunset would brighten up your life, it's so perfect in every way, all the pretty pinks and orange colours would make your eyes sparkle and face glow.

If you would decide to come you should visit our lovely forest that looks spectacular if covered in snow or wet with rain. The mountain tops in the wintertime looks sensational like an upsidedown ice cream cone topped with vanilla ice cream. The little tip looks like a cherry is placed there.

The rugged coastline surrounds the back of the huge outstanding beauty of the green grassy meadows. The blue perfecto colour of the ocean beats up against the rocks looking smashing. You can see the fluffy reflection of clouds in the water and beaches outlined with silver from caplin in the summertime. The amazing scenery looks wonderful.

Visit this glorious place and bring along your camera so you can take pictures of everything such as the flowers in spring that come in colours of orange, yellow, purple, red and many more. Driving along the roads you can take pictures of graceful unique birds and cute hopping rabbits. You can't dream of leaving out the snap shots of innocent moose and the pictures of the large, gorgeous, posing ice-bergs.

So I hope you can come and visit our little scenery filled town of Bonavista and the area around it. If you don't come to see this wonderful magnificent place some day in your life you may regret missing the magical features around the place I live. So for your sake I ask you to come and bring along your camera.

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